Marketing Evaluation

We will mention Project Overview and User Behavior features under Project Hubs in this case.

For Web3 projects, carrying out activities and giving rewards is the fastest way to get daily activities.

Due to participating in the Layer3 activity, the daily activity of LooksRare rose sharply in the next few days.

Project Overview

On December 15, the number of new addresses was 3,280, and the number of corresponding entities was 2,683, which is about 25 times higher than the natural growth of users., 3,687 daily active entities (+650%), 2,683 daily new entities (+2881%). Turns out this campaign works pretty well.

So are those new addresses real users? Data shows among 3280 new addresses that interacted with Looksrare, they are controlled by 2685 entities. The entity/address rate is 82%, so most of these are real users.

Other than that, from the rate of active entity / new entity, we can see from the graph that most of the users who came to Looksrare yesterday are first-time users.

This comparison chart with other NFT marketplaces shows yesterday's new user wave let Looksrare surpass other tier-2 products on user data.

Though when we look at the transactions/active user rate, we can find most of the users probably only performed 1-2 actions yesterday.

About social engagement and token prices:

Yesterday's data didn't give $looks an instant positive impact, but the token transactions even dropped a little bit.

The discussion of #looksrare on Twitter has skyrocketed.

User Behavior

Finally, if you want to see how many users stayed and continued to use Looks after the campaign ended, you can check out the user retention graph below.

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