📽️Project Profile

Start by entering a project name, in the home page search bar or the top navigation bar. And you will get:

  • Basic information:

Quick access to the project's website and social media. If the project has issued tokens, you can enter the token analysis page through the top right button.

  • Project Overview

This is an overview of the changes to the Users (Entities) and addresses of the project

  • Active Entities and Token Price

Visual representation of the daily active users, as well as daily active new users. Price action is over posed to since there tends to be a price action correlation with the usage of certain projects(most interesting in DeFi projects).

  • Total Value Locked

Check the TVL fluctuation over time of a certain project. You can select different TVL counts based on your own interpretation of TVL.

  • Social Engagement

It analyzes users' attention to the project on Twitter, focusing on the official tweets of the project as well as the latest mentions and tweets of over +6000 crypto influencers.

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