🚨Scopescan Alerts

Create custom real-time alerts, and get notified as soon as transactions are made on-chain, so you always stay one step ahead. Let's see how to get started.

  1. Go to the left-side menu and click on "Scopescan Alerts" to enter the Alerts management interface.

  2. Click the Create New Alerts button to start customizing your Alert.


We recommend avoiding setting alerts for addresses with spam transactions to get the most out of your alerts.

Select the monitoring target:

  • Alert Name: Enter a useful and memorable name to represent the Alert, which will appear on the Alert management page

  • Alert description: Enter your description of this Alert

  • Alert Target: Select the entity to be monitored by this Alert

For Alert Target we have three options

Option 1: Wallets

Manually enter all the addresses you want to monitor. EOAs and Contract addresses are both supported. You can also upload mutiple addresses at once with the buttom right side button.

Option Two: Pre-defined entities

Here you can select any pre-defined entity, including some VC collections provided by Scopescan or Entities previously created by yourself through the Entity Dashboard Tool.

Option Three: Address-based entities

Enter the individual addresses you want to monitor here, and we will generate an entity for you based on the addresses and confidence level you provide.

Select the behavior to monitor:

We currently support you in monitoring the following behavior of addresses within an entity:

  • Transfer of ETH and ERC20 Token

  • NFT transfer

  • Swap and Liquidity Movements

After choosing the behavior to monitor, you need to limit the scope of monitoring, including the type of tokens transferred and the market in which the swap is located.

At the same time, you can also choose to only receive messages when the value of the transaction is greater than a certain value, preventing you from being overwhelmed by a lot of useless information.


Select how to get notified

We currently support you receiving alert messages via discord and telegram.

Discord: You can enter your discord webhook URL here to receive Alert messages in your discord channel.

Telegram: You can add our Telegram Bot to get started.

Check out the detailed guide on how to set it up:

pageSetup Discord WebhookpageGet a Telegram ChatID


Manage your Alerts

After creating Alerts, you can manage them in this interface, you can choose to enable or disable Alerts to stop the flow of information, or edit and delete the Alerts.

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