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Scopescan User Guide and Documentation

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What is Scopescan?

Scopescan (previously Watchers) is the first product powered by the 0xScope Knowledge Graph. Scopescan is an on-chain data analytics platform that allows the creation of real-time profiles (entities) with meaningful connections. With Scopescan, everyone will be able to:

  • Discover new insights by exploring more than +10,000,000 data labels and tags

  • Query Complex on-chain data points,

  • Explore real-world entities using our intuitive dashboards

  • Omnichain support - analyze entity behavior across multiple chains

  • API services - get access to all kinds of on-chain data including entities, behavior, web2 social connections, etc.

  • Real-time signals

  • Address tracking and monitoring

  • Get new insights into the companies behind Web3 products


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