⚠️AML Risk Score

AML Risk Score is an overall dashboard derived from analyzing all transactions belonging to an address based on the 0xScope address clustering and risk assessment algorithms.

You can find this dashboard under the Address page.

The dashboard has five sections:

Address Risk Score, Transaction Counterparties, Identified Risks, Address Entity Risk Score, and Top Interacted Wallets.


Address Risk Score

Address Risk Score is divided into three levels: High Risk, Medium Risk, and Low Risk.

Flagged Transactions and Counterparties are associated with stolen funds, hacks, vulnerability exploits, rug-pulls, and scams. A higher score means a higher risk score for the address.

Transacted Value

Transacted Value represents the top 9 incoming and outgoing tokens and all others based on USD value. Tokens with unknown prices are not included in this chart.

Identified Risks

Identified Risks is related to the previous Address Risk Score and contains specific address behaviors for different risk types.

For example,

  • Addresses related to stolen funds, hacks, vulnerability exploits, rug-pulls, and scams are considered High Risk.

  • Deposited or withdrawn, funds in Tornado Cash are Medium Risk.

Entity Risk Score and Entity Address

Entity Risk Score is similar to Address Risk Score, but the difference is that the risk score here is based on the Entity (Entities are clusters composed of addresses that are highly related to one specific address/EOA).

Entity Risk Score is calculated by using a weighted average of each single address risk score and their connection certainty level.

Top Interacted Wallets

Top Interacted Wallets shows the number of transactions between the potential risk address you searched for and the address here, which includes incoming and outcoming ETH transactions and incoming and outcoming ERC20 transactions.

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