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Start by entering an NFT project name, or NFT token contract in the home page search bar or the top navigation bar.And you will get:

Basic Information:

You can see the Floor Price, Highest Sale, Total Supply, Total volume, token contract information, Deployer, Github, and Official website.And quick access to the project's social media.


Overall statistics of the changes to the addresses and trades of this project


Analyze the change of holders and trades historically and daily, including the number of holding entities & addresses and daily trades.

Holder Number: Number of addresses holding this NFT token right now

Entity Number: Number of entities holding this NFT token right now. An algorithm based on 0xscope to identify the entity from the holder

Daily Active Addresses/Entities: The number of addresses/entities which have transactions related to NFT within 24 hours.

Daily New Addresses/Entities: The number of addresses/entities which have never held the token before today.

Average Price relation with Trading Volume

Analyze the change in Average Price and Trading Volume among NFT marketplaces in 3 days,7 days, and 1 month.

Holders Balance Chart & Top 100 Holder

Analyze the distribution of token holders.

Holders Balance Chart is a pie chart showing the number of NFTs held by the top 10 holders.

Top 100 Holders shows the top 100 NFT holders' addresses, the NFT balance held by them, and the time when they purchased for the first time.

Holder Analysis

Holders change over time

Analyze the changes of holders and entities over time, including 7 days and 1 month.

All-Time Addresses: All Addresses that have ever held this NFT

All-Time Entities: All Entities that have ever held this NFT

Single Asset Holders Number

Analyze the changes of single asset holders (the addresses holding 1 NFT token) over time, including 7 days and 1 month.

Holders Distribution

Analyze the distribution of NFTs and addresses over time. There are these seven parts: <1days, 1-7 days, 7-30 days, 30-90 days, 90-180 days, 180-365days, >365days.

Balances & Changes

Analyze the changes of addresses' NFT balance over time (Top 1000 holders showed right now). You can see the current balance and balance change (1 day, 7 days) of addresses on this page.

Trades Analysis

Profit Leaderboard

Analyze the total profit of a single address based on the NFT it purchased and sold.

Total Profit=Revenue-Spent

ROI=Total Profit/Spent*100%

Recent Trades

Analyze the trades among NFT marketplaces. You can see the seller and the buyer with their purchased price, date, token ID, platform, and tx on Etherscan.

Social Analysis

Analyze users' attention to the project on Twitter, focusing on the official tweets of the project as well as the latest mentions and tweets of most crypto influencers.


It shows all NFT tokens sorted by Token ID. You can see the rarity score and NFT marketplace website below.Click on each NFT, and you can see:

Properties: Traits of an NFT based on its metadata

Details: Its token ID, owner, contract, contract deployer, and token standard

Recent Activity: Including Transfer, Mint, and Sale.

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