🌊Money Flow

Money Flow Tool allows users to investigate, track and share relevant information on blockchain transactions.

You can find this tool under the Investigation Mode category

Enter the address, select the token types and the date range,

You will get the graph showing the top 20 transacted addresses in the level1 inflow and outflow transactions.

Drag your mouse over the address box, and there is one address box and three small modules: expand, copy and calculate entities.


Click on Address Box

You will see an overview of this address which includes related tags, balance, inflow and outflow values, and incoming and outcoming addresses.

Click on Expand button

To provide the best flexibility at the time of showing addresses, we have designed two options: expand top addresses and expand specific addresses

Expand Top Addresses

Expand the incoming and outgoing addresses of the specified address by specific filters: Transfer Value, Transaction Count, Transfer ETH Amount, and Transfer Token Amount.

Expand Specific Addresses

Expand addresses that send or receive funds to the target address manually. You can select your specified address here.

These two Expand updates are combined with AND logic, which means expanding multiple times with different filters will only increase the number of addresses rather than replace previous Expand settings.

Click on Hide Button, Copy Button, and Calculate Entities Button

Hide button: Hide this address and it won't appear on this page until you refresh this page.

Copy button: Copy the address to your clipboard for easy access.

Calculate Entities Button: Click on this button and it will mark addresses belonging to the same entity with the same color(this applies only to addresses shown in the chart).

Click on the Transaction Arrow

Transaction Detail shows the transactions of selected token between two selected addresses. And it shows the value of the transaction based on the token price at the time of the transaction.

What is Level?

The level is based on the address you enteredβ€”β€”We define this address as Level 0 and its incoming and outcoming as Level 1, since they have direct transactions.

Tab Bar

Three buttons are included in the fixed Tab Bar: User Guide, Refresh, Show Hidden, and Save Report User Guide Button: Click for detail of guidance.

Refresh Button: Refresh all the operations you performed and go back to the default state. Hidden Button: Hidden the address you select.

Save Report Button: Click、enter your Report Name and Description, then bookmark the Money Flow Graph on the current screen, and you can find them in "My Workspace"

My Workplace

You can check and shareall the reports you created and followed here.

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