🆔Entity Dashboard

Introducing our new feature ——Entity Dashboard

Users can create their own, or generate an entity based on the 0xScope address clustering algorithm, and view their overall behavior and interaction behavior based on this entity.

Select the Entity Dashboard option under the Due-diligence Mode category

You can create two types of entities here:

  • Entities that are not created by the user, which means you need to create a new entity.

  • Entities have been created, and users can choose them to view.


Tip: You can share your entity for others to see by sending them the Entity ID. You can find your entity's ID in your watchlist. It should look something like this Name#123

  1. Entity that is not created by the user (New Entities)

Click the "Get an Entity ID" button to go to the Create Entity page

First of all, remember to name your entity so that you can quickly find the entity you created.

Then you need to create an entity (address cluster) that you want to monitor. There are three types of entities you can create by now:

  • Pre-defined Entities

  • Custom Wallets

  • Address-based Entities

Pre-defined Entities

Here the user can select the entity pre-defined by Scopescan, such as Celsius Entity, Jump Trading Entity, etc. Once you complete your selection, all addresses in the entity will be included in the monitoring.

How to create your entity here?

  1. Select Category Filter: We have predefined categories such as VCs And Institutions and Token Whales.

  2. Select Pre-Existing Entities: We have a predefined Entities List for you, such as BlockWater, Jump Trading, and so on, so that you can quickly choose to create their own entity

  3. We will generate Entities Composition according to the user's filtering, and by default, all the addresses will be selected, if some addresses are not what you want, remove the check.

  4. If you do not find the address you want in the list generated by us, you can click Here to add it.

  5. After saving the creation successfully, you can quickly view the entity you just created, and you can also share them on Twitter.

Custom Wallets

Under this option, the entity can be composed entirely of user-defined addresses.

There can be no correlation between these addresses, and it is entirely up to you to decide which addresses will be added to the set.

How to create your entity here?

  1. Enter the address of the entity you want to create and click on it.

  2. If you need to add multiple addresses at once, click "add multiple addresses" to add them, and then submit them to be added to the entity you created.

  3. Click "Related Address" to quickly add addresses associated with the entity (this feature is based on 0xScope's address aggregation recommendation algorithm).

  4. After saving the creation successfully, you can quickly view the entity you just created, and you can also share them on Twitter.

Address-based Entities:

This option allows you to enter an address (currently this option does not support entering ENS). Scopescan will generate an entity as a group of monitored addresses based on the address entered by the user and the selected certainty level.

How to create your entity here?

  1. Enter an address.

  2. Select the Certainty Level with the address( 70% in this example).

  3. Scopescan will generate a list of addresses that are more than 70% associated with the entity according to the user's filter.

  4. We will generate the "Entities List" according to the user's filtering, and by default all entities will be checked, if some entities are not what the user wants, remove the check.

  5. if you do not find the entity you want in the list generated by the platform, you can click "Here" to add it.

  6. after saving the creation successfully, you can quickly view the Entity Dashboard you just created, or you can directly link to Twitter to share it.


2. Entity that has already been created

Jump to the Watchlist page of the Profile page, where you can see the ID of the Entity you just created. You can share this Entity with anyone, making it easy for them to view this Entity together with information.

You can enter this Entity ID in the Entity Dashboard page, or select the Entity you have created before to see detail about this entity.

Here you can see information about the entire Entity, including its:

  • Total Portfolio Value/Change in Portfolio

  • Specific Portfolio Data

  • The largest position

  • Tokens widely held

  • Percentage of stablecoins held

  • Recent transfer-in and transfer-out transactions

  • Percentage of recent interactions with major protocols

  • Positions within the agreement, such as Aave's lending data, DEX's liquidity positions, etc

By using Entity Dashboard, you can analyze and understand the recent market spotlight, trading behavior, operation logic of physical users to determine the accuracy and authenticity of the information in the current crypto market.

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