🏦VC Watch

VC Watch is a dashboard to exclusively analyze data of Entities related to Venture Capital, Investment Funds, and other investment institutions. All VC entities are clusters composed of public identified addresses as well as highly related addresses (calculated based on 0xscope Protocol Knowledge Graph).


  • VC Holdings by Token

View multiple VC's token holding changes in the past 7 days and analyze their position size and impact on specific token markets.

Step 1: Select the token to be viewed;

Step 2 and Step 3: Add and remove VC labels and hover on the graph to view the holdings data of the corresponding label.

  • VC Watch Ranking by holdings

View VCs' balance ranking based on the currently supported VC entities, their largest position , largest position change, and transactions in 24 hours.

VC Dashboard

Select any VC entity you want to view, and you will get:

  • Portfolio

Analyze the current holdings, largest position, most widely hold token, stablecoin ratio and buy volume vs sell volume of the VC entity you choose.

  • Entity Addresses

Entities refer to the cluster of highly related addresses based on their on-chain and off-chain data.

  • Balance USD Value

A comparative graph to visualize the Altcoin, Stablecoin, and Bluechip holdings of all tracked VC's. Its main objective is to analyze VC's risk exposure over time.

  • Transfer Activity & Latest Activity

This module analyzes the transaction behavior of VC entities through different dimensions such as Top Transfers, Top Contract Interactions, Top Interacted Wallets as well as All Transactions & Exchange Deposits & Withdrawals(In Latest Activity).

This allows users to analyze VC holding movements to catch on to trends earlier.

  • Active Positions

This module analyzes transactions but strictly transactions which include liquidity providing, borrowed and Supplying on DeFi protocols like Uniswap, AAVE and Compound.

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