Due Diligence before Investment

How can we conduct pre-investment due diligence by using Scopescan?

The following is an example of a due diligence exercise to determine the mixed use of funds between Alameda and SBF himself.

We will mention a few addresses in this report.They are:

SBF: 0xD57581D9e42E9032e6f60422fA619b4A4574Ba79 (one of these Sushi Multisig signers)

Alameda Research: 0xf108a465a5dafb51bb48615b1a4f5e00401ff90d 0x964d9d1a532b5a5daeacbac71d46320de313ae9c 0xa6e683d5dccce898f16bb48071f08f2304c8ba09(tagged by us and other on-chain tools)

These addresses are represented by their real identities as follows

The reason why we think they have been sharing the same funds for a long time:

  1. Alameda Research provide initial gas funding to SBF

  1. Alameda Research directly transferred 12710 ETH to SBF in September 2020.

  1. A lot of Alameda Research addresses share the same Deposit Address with SBF

The basic idea is to find the connection in the Address Clustering Tool.

  • Pull your mouse on the link between Deposit Address and EOA address to find the top transferred token.

  • Get the Deposit Address

Then go to the Money Flow Tool to find the specific transaction with the address and token you find above.

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