🧑‍🚒Risk Management

Risk management is always lesson 0 in the web 3 world. Scopescan provide real-time alerts to help you monitor the abnormal transactions of target addresses and also, and you can use these highly flexible alerts to monitor whatever you like.

Add a real-time alert

Enter the Scopescan Alert by clicking Investigation Mode - Scopescan Alerts and then, click the Create Alerts button.

Alert Target

  • Address: you can either add 1 or more than 1 address as the targets.

  • Pre-defined Entities: Scopescan have prepared the Instituations', VCs' and token whales' addresses as entities for you.

  • Addresses Based Entity: input 1 address and set up the certainty level, then Scopescan will calculate the entities of this address for you and will add these highly potential same user's addresses to the target list.

  • My Entities: you can also choose the entities you created as targets

Transaction Type

Scopescan now support 3 Transaction Types:

  • ETH and ERC20 Transfers

  • NFT transfers

  • Swaps and liquidity movements

Choose the type you want and set up the filters.

How to get notified?

Finally, you can either choose Discord or Telegram as a notification method. Set up the Discord hook by following this doc and the Telegram chat ID by following this doc.

Manage alert list

If the Alert you created is enabled, you will receive the alert by the method you chose.

You can check the transaction details of the alert by clicking the Scopescan link or copying the transaction hash to further analyze the transaction. If you want to delete the alert or edit the alert rules, you can click the Edit or Delete button on the Scopescan Alerts page.

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